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If you’re a Real Estate agent then you know the frustration of having to wait for the property to close & grind their way to completion before you receive your commission. You’ve done your job, sold a property and now just need the reward to be deposited, we can help cut that time down to a minimum!

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We’ve created a fast, friendly way for you to receive an advance on your commission with low, affordable rates so you can keep your cashflow moving in your business while you provide stellar real estate services.

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I am so thankful for Scot and Commissions Express! He went above and beyond to help me get paid quickly! I will use CE again, and I highly recommend him for commission advance! Thanks again, Scot! – Nashville Realtor Amanda Stewart Vega-Romero

Frequently Asked Commission Advance Questions

Why Should I Convert My Commission to Cash?

You are in business as an Independent Contractor. Your earned but unsettled commissions are un-productive assets. They are receivables, income you are waiting to collect. Like other businesses, you want to convert receivables to cash to operate and promote your business today.

Get started on your advance – Give us a call at (615)982-3787

What Do I Need?

All you need is a ratified non-contingent contract with preliminary loan approval.

How Does a Commission Advance Work?

You can send us your contact information through our contact form or call (615)982-3787 and Commission Express will email or fax you the necessary forms and instructions that step you through the process.

No Credit Check Required!

You then email or fax us the completed forms. Upon our review and approval, you can come to the office to sign paperwork and receive your check (the fast way) or we can email or fax the paperwork to you to be signed and deposit or mail your check to you (the easy way). It’s just that simple!

Note: On your initial transaction, you may need to come to the office to sign the paperwork.

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Do You Provide Advances To Non-Realtors?

No, we’re not a cash advance service for the general public, we’re a cashflow improvement service specifically for real estate agents.

How Soon Can I Expect My Check?

Usually within 2 days after we receive the completed forms… often the same day.

Where Do You Provide Services

We’re physically located in Nashville, but provide a commission advance with no credit check all across Tennessee. If you’re out of state (but are a United States real estate agent), please contact us directly so we can consider entries on a case by case basis.

How Much Commission Advance Do I Get?

We pay you (Advance) up to 84% of your total commission immediately. You will receive up to 94% after an additional Holdback is paid to you after the receivable is redeemed.

What Does It Cost?

Your cost is called a discount and is paid from settlement. Commission Express discounts the commission from 6% to 16% on day to day settlements with a $250 minimum.

What If Settlement Is Delayed?

Commission Express has a 30 day grace period but must be paid within 30 days of the Settlement Date specified in your application or you will incur an additional discount fee.

What If Settlement Does Not Occur?

You would assign the proceeds from another receivable to Commission Express.

Do I Need To Be Physically In Nashville?

No, we provide services to real estate agents all across Tennessee.

Why Should I Choose Commission Express?

Commission Express is locally owned and operated and has a history of reliable service, a simple online application process and fast response.

What Do I Do Next?

Get started online or call (615)982-3787 with any questions and to receive an Application. Fax or email the completed Application with the provided forms.

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About Commission Express Advance TN

Real Estate Commission Advances With Integrity

With 20+ years of experience in the financial industry, Scot Burner proudly serves the Tennessee real estate community as President of Commission Express Advance TN, providing them with fast, affordable options to optimize their commission cashflow.

Scot Burner - Founder Commission Express Advance TN

We operate with efficiency and fairness in mind at all times, providing great customer service for Realtors looking for a real estate commission advance in Tennessee from Nashville & Knoxville to Memphis & Chatanooga.

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