6 Staging Essentials for Home Sellers

If you’re thinking of selling your home, then setting up your home , known as Staging, can feel a little like navigating a minefield if you do not know what to do!

Don’t panic! Just get started on improving your home’s appeal to home buyers with these six staging essentials to make the process so much easier!

1. Get Rid of the Clutter

You already know that your home needs to be clean. What you may not understand is the level of decluttering you need to do. You might think of clutter as old mail or too many magnets on the fridge.

De-clutter the space

However, clutter can be defined as anything that makes a room feel too crowded and that can cause anxiety. Pare down on everything in most rooms so that the house has a comfortable flow that only attracts the eye to places you want buyers to see.

2. Depersonalize the Space

Part of the decluttering process involves making the home seem less like yours. The more personalized accents you have in the home, the more buyers are likely to see it as your space instead of theirs.

Staging tip: de-personalize the space

This does not mean you have to get rid of everything that makes your home yours, of course. Just adjust the design scheme to more conventionally accepted colors and styles, and thin out the unnecessary accumulations of the family.

3. Target Improvements

Sure, you could completely redo your entire home and get more interested buyers. However, most sellers do not have the funding or the time to pull this off.

Instead of just throwing money at the first problems you notice, take the time to create a game plan for low-cost, valuable improvements as you would with other parts of the home.

Painting is a cheap, easy improvement

You might not need to replace furniture if it can be safely and effectively cleaned. Painting a room is another inexpensive way to really change its appearance or you can redesign elements in your bathroom. You can also improve the curb appeal by adding a steel door, use DIY landscaping or get some custom granite countertops added to your home.

Add custom granite countertops

4. Emphasize Room

People are hoping to find a property that is everything they want out of a home. You can help achieve this goal by emphasizing the natural space of each room. Limit the furniture pieces, and make sure they do not impede the overall flow.

Avoid stuffing closets with clutter, because buyers want to see closets that provide effective storage. Always aim to show that you have more than enough room, because buyers make decisions on it.

5. Accentuate, Don’t Hide

Remember that the goal of home staging is to shift the focus to the aspects of the home that are wonderful.

If there are problems with the house, you do not want to use staging to hide them. Besides the fact that this can make you look bad once the home inspection report comes in, trying to conceal certain issues can actually make you financially liable later on.

6. Keep It Simple

Despite what the home improvement and home buying shows you watch on TV might say, you do not have to deck out every room like it is Buckingham Palace. Buyers are looking for a reasonable design that shows a comfortable room, without a lot of distraction. By avoiding adding too much color, furniture or accents, you can help to create a good feeling in the room.

Keep rooms simple

You understand that you need to take your home to the next level to get a good sale price, but you should make sure that you do not go overboard with the home staging. With these tips, you can impress buyers on the home’s design, without distracting them by unnecessary additions.

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