Digital Marketing 2017: The State of Real Estate

If you’re a real estate agent then chances are you’re behind the times when it comes to digital marketing.

It’s nothing personal! But it’s unfortunately true that only a very small minority of agents actually have a handle on this part of their business. In fact some agents might even need to take steps to lower their blood pressure  after dealing with “that web stuff”.

But truthfully this situation isn’t  really all the fault of individual agents for several complicated reasons, let’s dig in!

There’s Gold In Them Thar Hills

Brokers often make promises to new agents that they’ll handle the digital marketing. The reality of the industry is that 87% of agents don’t last more than a year so there’s a reluctance to invest TOO much into newbies. To make things worse, most 1st place pages in Google search are over 2 years old! This means that less than 13% of new realtors even have a real chance of actually getting rankings that actually send traffic. But that’s assuming you have a clue about the science and art of SEO and aren’t just hiring the first company that calls you up promising #1 guaranteed rankings (By the way, if anyone calls you and GUARANTEEs #1 rankings hang up on them immediately!)

Because of the great annual turn over of Realtors each year, that means less training & education is given and it’s hard to reap the LONG TERM benefits of digital marketing & SEO if you can’t stick around!

What is REALLY The Best Route To Rankings?

Google never stands still. The search engine Realtors are ranking in today is not even close to what Google was using 8 years ago, during that time tactics and strategies have shifted and gone away. Because of the Gold Rush mentality of many agents, they’re early adopters (and abusers) of every trick in the book. Google knows this and has adjusted the difficulty of real estate SEO accordingly! Did you know that different industries face different algorithms? If you’re a plumber, a locksmith or a Realtor you face not just more competition but also you face a tougher set of criteria in Google for what qualifies as worth of #1 placement organically.

Opinion: Links Are Still Links & You Need Them

If you’d talked to Greg Boser, Bill Slawski or any other SEO luminary from 2002-2007 they would have told you that you need links from other sites to act as vouchers of your authority and credibility in order to rank for the keywords that will generate leads and revenue.

It’s still true. You need links.

Of course, you also need a credible reason to get those links, so either you need to create content worthy of digital conversation or be a participant in those digital conversations! Here’s a shotgun list of ideas:

  • Find and participate in tweet chats about real estate & digital marketing. #seopub,#semrushchat, etc
  • Reach out to local sports teams in your community looking for sponsors and become a website sponsor.
  • Look for opportunities to contribute to events, charities and organizations that build your community and also give you recognition in the form of links.
  • Make yourself available on HARO (Help A Reporter Out) and get cited and linked from various journalists reporting on your industry.
  • Create content relevant and really worthy of links from other authorative sources and not just self-congratulatory pablum. Then reach out to site owners who have already linked to similar articles via email to add your link as well.
  • Connect with other businesses in verticals that also provide services to your clients and see if there are opportunities to get them to link to your site. Painters, appraisers, roofers, landscapers and all the other professional home service experts are all fantastic opportunities for link building.


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